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Lawrence “LT” Taylor pleads guilty to all types of nastyness…

Poor little Tink Tink

SOOOO today while everyone was busy following the dude with the golden voice, LT was in court trying to not have his name tarnished.  Sad shit man.  Ummmm something about him soliciting a prostitute in Rockland County some time ago (don’t quote me cause I’m not definate about the charges).  ANDDDDD to add to that stuff, the postitute was 16. he states that she said she was 19. LT, what hooker do you know to tell the truth?? So now theres an ex Giant that is a registered sex offender. ANDDDDD he was ordered to pay a staggering …$2,000… (insert straight face here.  no wait let me see if i can make one (-_-) JACKPOT!! Yeah I’m done!

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