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"It's going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking -- or, as Charlie Sheen calls it, breakfast,"

I am very sure that a lot of people don’t care but…this guy is HILARIOUS!!!!  I tell ya, you let a guy that does comedy for a living (which usually is ABOUT people) host an award show where he’s around EASY TARGETS, you’re bound to get some angry A-listers and such. Oh Well! Actors and Actresses must have forgotten what it was like to get criticized!!!


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Damn Kevin (Yeah we’re on a first name basis)

"Say it wit ya Chest lil' Nigga"

For all of you that KNOW me, know that Kevin, (Kevin Hart to the normal folk) is my FAVORITE comedian. Well he and his wife are reportedly heading for a divorce.  ANDDDD in pure niggerdom, he doesn’t want to give her alimony or whatever term lawyers use when one gives money to the other after divorce.  Well that doesn’t take away from his funny.  He doesn’t need to be married anyway, grabbing on tall girls asses and shit. 

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