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Some 18 year old girl stabbed her 19 year old boyfriend after being made fun of because her feet stink in Washington State yesterday. Yeah that’s all that I got! ya’ll dudes need to watch what you say to/about your girl it could have you in the hospital. And ladies just walk away cause it could land you 15 Months in jail being someone’s bitch and such.


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Ted Williams leaves rehab

I had posted something about a week ago about the “overnight sensation” Ted Williams. Now I told y’all I didn’t trust him from the beginning and BAM he done did what I thought he was going to do…take the fame and use it to fund his disease.  Now I understand that it’s a disease and all but I blame the media for running before they walk.  There are a lot of talented people out there that haven’t been discovered so how about we give them a chance? Let Ted Williams get right before we give him a job that will enable it.

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Holly Lahti won mega millions then vanished. And yeah he did this to her in 2003.

Homegirl from Idaho won the jackpot on January 4, then vanished. No one has heard or seen her since. I know what you’re thinking, I want some nachos too. So whodunit? I think it was him too, yep her ex husband.  He is now suing for her lottery fortune with her in or out of the picture.  Mother of 2 done went and got a Ryan Jenkins story going (the guy from Megan wants to marry a millionare that killed his wife, went on the lam, then killed himself). We over here at BITTT wish for your safe return home, Holly.

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yuck mouth

Ewwwww Flava Flav is said to be opening up a fried chicken spot in Iowa, I hope he’s not going to be the one cooking the chicken.  My skin is crawling even with me typing this. YUCK

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So my home girl was telling me the other day that she had something that she wanted to show me.  She said that she was talking to CDT (Candy Deep Throat) the other day via twitter and she was telling her that she was considering stopping her whorish activities.  So rewind.  recently she has been on sites such as mediatakeout and world star hip hop for sloring around basketball players and such. Well anyway she has been making it very well-known that she is the up and coming Kat Stacks biiiitch. Now fast forward. My friend C.P. was tweeting her and CDT friended her and hit her up via DM with the following:

So it seems that CDT wants a relationship maybe even with some of her “clients”. Immediately after this convo, CDT unfriended her and blocked her from her tweets and whatnot. Now my friend C.P. was just telling her that she could do other things besides slutting up but hey, some chicks are needed for that role.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.  Just so you are familiar with some of her antics, I have enclosed some dialogue between her and Matt “Kelly” Kemp. Apparently, she states that she is also the reason that he hadn’t married his fiance of 10 years and mother of his children, Gloria (that’s what’s up).  What’s the point of getting married anyway when y’all are already playing house? Anyway, CDT, do what you like to do, just don’t be surprised or upset with comments being made ESPECIALLY when it’s you that is putting your stuff out there.  I do commend you for being very open…with everything!!

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Carlina White as an adult and an infant

all she do is loot things, money, cards, babies


So this lady here done stole the woman dem chile and flee. supposedly when she found out that the popo’s were looking for her, she fled to NC. Then after facing embezzlement charges and such, home girl moved to CT. Now I don’t know about ya’ll but shiiiiiittttt who steals babies? AND THEN KEEPS THEM? She didn’t even try to BUY the kid (which isn’t any better but you know what I mean) or sell the kid on the black market (which would still be wrong).  Everybody knows…If you steal something let’s say like a car, or a plane, a watch, or a BABY, you don’t want to be caught with it later on (so i’ve heard)… Well anywho, she’s said to face extradition to NC. I wonder if she’ll be the bitch or the bitchee

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 Either the girl in the gold dress got kicked in the nose, the one in the black and white dress breath stinks, or the one in the stripes kitty kat…. Let’s just hope it’s one of the first 2.

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